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16. September 2014

I mentioned earlier that today I brought in my chart for “Everything Means Nothing To Me” by Elliott Smith to sing in vocal combo and it went really well! But before we started rehearsing, the vocal professor was like, “Man you really like this guy’s stuff huh?” because I brought in an Elliott Smith chart last spring as well. And I was just like, “Yeah, he’s my all time favorite lyricist and his music just…” and I didn’t know what to say and I paused for a second and then I was like “His music is just like my heart” and everyone was like aww that’s so nice and then they wanted to hear the original and it was a super vulnerable moment for me because I rarely listen to Elliott Smith with other people, even the people I’m closest to, so playing it in a room full of people I barely know was weird but hopefully they liked it and will listen to more of it. And everyone likes the song and everything but I’m still just searching for that connection with a person in real life who gets it. 

aruadriandance: Yo! I love the blog! What got you into being a jazz piano major?

Thank you! Well I’ve known I was going to go into music for as long as I can remember, but there is a youth jazz organization here in Denver that does amazing stuff and really helped me grow and understand and love jazz on a level that I never could have imagined so I decided to go into it. 

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16. September 2014

-Not dealing with people
-Listening to whatever the fuck I want
-Being naked whenever the fuck I want

I sang an arrangement of Elliott Smith’s “Everything Means Nothing To Me” and the standard “I’m Beginning To See The Light” in the vocal combo I’m in and it went super well and I can’t wait to show you guys recordings.


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