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I'm Camilla.

biophilial: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR?!?!?!


I’m drunk so y’all can talk to me or ask me shit and the answers will be very honest.

C- Cheerleader by St. Vincent

O- Outlier by Snarky Puppy

N- Now I’m Learning to Love The War by Father John Misty

N- Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control by Tame Impala 

O- Ocelot by Hiatus Kaiyote

R- Revival by Deerhunter


Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

St. Vincent backstage @ Stereo, Nov ‘11Photographed by Sol Nicol

I got the apartment I wanted for next year. I’m going to make the entire year’s rent in about 7 weeks of work this summer. So excited to live with Jonathan!! 

Anonymous: Hey, I'm thinking about studying music, and I was just wondering what do you say back to people who question how you'll make money with that. It's my dream, I just have to convince my parents

I’m so excited that you’re interested in studying music! I know a lot of people question how musicians could possibly make a living because many people make it seem like there are no options but there are so many different paths for musicians to take.

I’m so lucky because I never really had to convince my parents, they supported whatever I knew I loved doing, but I know a lot of people who had the same problem and there are definitely a ton of career options.

Performance is obviously what most of us go in looking to do but that’s not all you have to expect your career to be. There is education, whether it’s private lessons, K-12 or college level. I personally am very interested in teaching college eventually. And there are so many different disciplines (composition, instruments, musicology, theory, aural skills, etc.) to teach. There’s the business side which has so many different options, like recording, management, and so much more. There’s even music therapy. There are so many different career paths that musicians everywhere pursue along with their performance goals. 

BUT THE BIGGEST THING YOU NEED TO MAKE CLEAR: If you want to pursue music, and it’s what you love, make it so clear that music is what makes you happiest and will be the most fulfilling for your life. 

Parents, in general, want their children to be happy and if you are serious about your passion for music and make it clear to them that you want it, and will make a life from it, they will probably support you.

Hope this helps somewhat, best of luck.